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Big data: The importance of data management talent

Posted by on Feb 18 17:57. | Edit

Ask yourself this question…what actions do we take to support fact based decision making at board level?

As technology evolves, allowing greater analysis and manipulation of data, it is imperative that your executive board makes strategic decisions based on accurate and relevant reporting and analysis. Without this, your competitors will gain the advantage as they exploit trends and opportunities you did not see coming.

It’s crucial that you’re able to trust your technology talent to provide you with the analysis necessary to influence the C-suite.  An over-reliance on new technology and tools, without the necessary talent and resource allocation, will leave your business exposed. You need to put the right technology in place but also need effective people on board as well as structure workflows and incentives to optimise the use of the data. Resistance to change and the risk of being distracted by the short term wins will inhibit your organisation’s ability to perform and grow. David Court of McKinsey recently wrote that “tools alone are insufficient. Organisational adaptation is also needed to overcome fear and catalyze change.”

In 2011, McKinsey projected a gap of more than 140,000 unfilled big data jobs and 1.5 million related jobs in management and analysis by 2018. Not to be outdone, Gartner said that big data would create 1.9 million jobs in IT alone by 2015, of which two-thirds, or more than 1.2 million, would go unfilled.

If you want to drive strategic decisions at board level, then the power of data, and by extension, your data management talent, must be at the top of your agenda.  Are you even collecting the right data, let alone utilising it to your best advantage? Recruiting top data management professionals will go a long way to ensuring your organisation’s decision makers are able to make strategic decisions based on facts.

Michael Page specialise in delivering business facing technology professionals on both a permanent and consulting basis. If you would like to discuss your business intelligence and data needs, please contact James Barrett, director at Michael Page Technology.

M: +44 79 2011 0849

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