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Thinking big for your manufacturing career? Then start small to get ahead

Posted by on Jun 4 10:56.

When we think about manufacturing in the UK, more often than not it’s the Rolls-Royce and GlaxoSmithKline’s of the world that tend to grab the headlines. However, when you dig a little deeper, it’s easy to see that a mini-revolution …
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Is biotech ready to break out a new talent mould?

Posted by on May 8 10:57.

For years, the UK has been known as a centre of excellence, thanks to its strong science and engineering capabilities. As a result of recent backing by the government, biotech in particular is experiencing rapid growth and is expected to …
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Are women the key to ending The Clone Wars in manufacturing?

Posted by on Apr 16 10:37.

The issue of gender equality continues to be a hot topic in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. So how is it that an industry known for its male dominance is showing the way in terms of breaking down gender barriers? …
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Manufacturing needs to make more of specialist skills

Posted by on Mar 20 13:21.

After years of operating in challenging times, UK manufacturing is finally experiencing a much awaited renaissance. Data from the Markit/CIPS Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index showed a strong upsurge towards the end of 2013, with rates of growth in production and …
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