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PageGroup is the world’s most socially engaged recruiter in 2015 – but why does it matter?

Posted by Eamon Collins on Oct 8 9:30. | Edit


Having been awarded this title today by LinkedIn, I would, of course say it matters. But it’s not just because of the gleaming trophy (honest); it runs a bit deeper than that.

PageGroup, like any other business, has faced some significant challenges in recent times with traditional brand building channels dissolving and being replaced with a fragmented marketing landscape. The speed of change is not always comfortable for a large organisation like ours, but those changes also offered an opportunity to meet some of our branding challenges. Using social media effectively has enabled us to engage directly with current, and prospective, clients and candidates offering advice and insight in a way that was not previously possible.

Twelve months ago, LinkedIn asked me to present at their Social RecruitIn event on how we amplified engagement through our social media channels.  We’d been building our approach from the ground up for a number of years and learnt some difficult lessons along the way (Careerapult anyone?).  Sharing our view of a great approach to social media and getting a lot of positive feedback from fellow professionals was of course very satisfying.  Now being recognised by LinkedIn as globally the most socially engaged recruiter is a significant step further forward.  It serves as an endorsement of our approach.  We’ve not just focused on building a big audience (we have…), we’ve also put the hard work in to ensure that what we post is meaningful enough for people to read it then share it, like it and comment on it more than anyone else in our sector.

We share our knowledge, insight and opinions directly with our customers.  We quickly gather and gauge their feedback on what we’ve shared to inform our plans.  As much as marketing people are drawn to bright shiny new things, our early exploration taught us what our audiences wanted from us. Our approach to content can be summed up in two words “Seriously Useful”. Not everyone gets to create the hilarious Friday afternoon viral – we ensure our content and tone stays true to our customers’ expectations of our brand. Crucially we’ve also recognised that one size definitely does not fit all – our content must be relevant at a local level.  Alongside larger global initiatives, our feed is awash with regional posts in multiple languages that give customers insight for where they are.

But why does it matter?  Firstly our content covering immediate advice is a new channel to those needing a steer through their current process of securing their next role or team-member and secures us customers.

In a wider sense, we believe engaging content allows us to talk with our potential and returning customers.  Not only does our content provide the insight they need to help them, but it also helps us increase our brand awareness and to build affinity so that we are their recruiter of choice.

Going back to that fragmented landscape, we can’t wait until someone is actively looking for their new role / team member to secure their loyalty.  We need to have built a relationship with them long before that and ensure we are top of their list when they need help from a recruiter.

It feels good to know you’re doing the right thing for your customers and for your business by being the most socially engaged recruiter.  It’s also nice when someone gives you a prize for it – someone pass the polish, there’s a trophy here that needs shining!

Eamon Collins is the Group Marketing Director at PageGroup.

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